32 Update php-pecl-parallel

by srjlewis

34 Closed: UUID and perf

by Ôrel

35 Closed: New Mirror (AT)

by anton.neubauer

36 Closed: New Mirror (ID)

by hanangpriambodo

38 PHP 7.4 on Centos 6

by applejack

39 EPEL 8 php-pecl-xdebug

by jan4321

40 Closed: New mirror: MY and HK

by gigabit

41 PHP EOL policy (announcements)

by tomasz.konefal@ubc.ca

42 Closed: Copy file by php

by kiarawilliams

43 php-fpm slowlog vs selinux

by michelinux

44 Closed: New mirror (IR)

by sefroyek

45 Closed: duplicate website

by ratubunga

46 modular setup

by riktheys

49 Closed: New Mirror (CN)

by Stykers

51 Closed: New mirror (KZ)

by vbaimurzin

52 Closed: New mirror (UA)

by r2d2

56 Closed: Slow "index" page

by shap

59 http2

by shap