32 Closed: New Europe Mirror

by mivocloud

35 Closed: New mirror download for remi

by downloadvn

36 Closed: New mirror (US)

by tc-jay

39 Depenency Problems

by pbroderi31

40 Closed: New mirror (Australia)

by bradh

46 package for phpMyAdmin

by mikeyw

48 Closed: Any chance of getting nginx-extras added?

by salientdigital

51 xdiff_file_diff

by ggrein

54 PHP 5.6.25 issue

by goodme

55 Upgrade Centos 7 to RHEL 7

by Harbromme

56 Closed: Permission rights using ZipArchive

by Kubik-Rubik

57 Imagemagick error

by GervaisdeM

58 Redis 3.2.0 just released

by zero-x-baadf00d