181 Closed: A rather curious observation

by Brandon

182 Closed: new mirror setup

by jazzl0ver

183 PHP Rpm and Apxs

by darkfiz

184 httpd 2.2 and 2.4 and php

by ottuzzi

185 PHP-5.4 on EL

by fp

187 Memcached packages

by DarkSpace

189 Closed: PHP 5.4 / PHP-FPM in RHEL

by bicchi

190 Apache 2.4.1

by Spacedust

191 Closed: update ur package

by charlie101

195 Closed: PHP 5.3.10 (Several Bug Fix)

by alexgotardi

196 F16 PHP 5.4 segfaults

by michalkjp

197 (request) Clementine

by patrick013

198 Closed: Postfix mysql-libs conflict?

by wills

201 yaf pecl rpm

by adrian

204 Compile php-pecl-apc for zts [resolved]

by eric@footsteps.nl

205 Need nginx1.0.6

by cicku

208 debug symbols

by NT Man

210 Closed: mysqlnd used in php-zts

by dennisj