121 auth.json data is ignored

by Sand Fox

123 Closed: A little lost in this repo

by didiergm

124 installation mcrypt

by highwave

126 PHP 7.2.1

by TomB

127 curl with openssl

by dannemannen

129 Closed: Issue with Apache/PHP5.6 and PHP PECL pdo ibm

by fred_demarcy

130 Closed: update: libvips-8.5.2

by KleisAuke

134 Closed: php-mbstring-7.0.23-1.el6.remi.x86_64.rpm

by satyadoorva

135 PHP71. and twig

by Hubert.Nodzak

136 Closed: Centos 7: php 5.6 and 7.1

by Hubert.Nodzak

137 Fedora 26 and libphp5.so

by PhillipRC

143 Closed: Segmentation fault with vips-tools

by KleisAuke

145 Closed: BCMath for ClearOS PHP 5.6?

by techana

148 Closed: Unable to install phpMyAdmin

by Solinfo