Topic: Memcahed API

Upgraded PHP 5.1.6 to 5.2.3 (Symfony 1.3 doesn't work with PHP 5.1.6) using you rpm.

I have memcached 1.4.5 and php 5.3.2 running RHEL 5.3. I am getting the following eroor:

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: memcache: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with module API=20050922
PHP compiled with module API=20090626
These options need to match

Need your help with resolving it.


Balu Nadig

Re: Memcahed API

This message says you have a php-pecl-memcache extension build with php 5.1.

You should use the php-pecl-memcache from my repository.


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