Topic: MySQL 5.5.8 for RHEL 5

Hi Remi,

Thanks for all the recent updates!

I have noticed that the latest mysql 5.5.8 is only available in remi-test for Enterprise Linux.

If you don't mind me asking, is there any particular reason for this? Are you planning to move it into the remi repo at some point?


Re: MySQL 5.5.8 for RHEL 5

For now, I keep MySQL 5.1 in remi and MySQL 5.5 in remi-test, so users have the choice.

PHP 5.3 is build against MySQL 5.1 but can be used with compat-mysql51 (client library) beside MySQL 5.5

I a near future, I will stop build MySQL 5.1 new version and will only work on MySQL 5.5 which will go in remi repo.

MySQL 5.5.8 is the first GA version, and have a major rewrite of the spec (switch to "cmake"). I'm waiting for some feedback (even if no "bad" feedback is probably good)


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