Topic: php71 with Apache24 on RedHat6

I'm trying to install php71 on a RedHat6 server using apache 24. All packages except for php71 were brought from RedHat's repositories. I couldn't find any versions of php71 for RedHat6 except for the ones on Remi. Most packages form Remi's repositories were installed wihout issues. Though, when I tried to install the php71-php package, it wants to bring httpd (the old one, version 2.2) instead of using my current and already installed version 2.4 (that came from rhel-server-rhscl-6-rpms).

Is there a php71-php package for apache24? Is there a "php.conf", "php71-php.conf" or equivalent file for apache24?

Re: php71 with Apache24 on RedHat6

Sorry, but php71 from my repository only provides mod_php for httpd in base repository.

If you use httpd24 from RHSCL, the rh-php56 and rh-php70 collections provide mod_php for it
But new collections (such as rh-php71 are now only available for RHEL-7)

Better way if probably to update to RHEL-7 (as RHEL-6 is now in production phase 3, so with only minimal fix, and no new feature)

In all case, I recommend you to consider using FPM, which is the modern / secure / better for performance way to use PHP with httpd 2.4

A good start to read: … tion-tips/

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