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Topic: composer profile.d/composer.csh breaks logins

Whenever I get a composer update, this file /etc/profile.d/composer.csh is put back in place, and breaks my logins with 'euid: Undefined variable.', after which none of my ~/.tcshrc files are sourced. So each time, I have to go and move it to composer.csh.bak, or something like that. The offending line is obviously line 4, 'if ( ${euid} > 0 ) then'. Could you put in a test for the existence of $euid first, or use $uid instead, something like that? (I haven't inspected the SRPM yet to see if that's from the composer upstream, or from yourself.)

This is on a CentOS 6 system; on my CentOS 7, $euid seems to be defined from the start, and it doesn't complain about that at all.

Re: composer profile.d/composer.csh breaks logins

Thanks for the notice.

Should be fixed by https://git.remirepo.net/cgit/rpms/comp … ae193ef4d6

So in composer-1.5.2-2

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