Topic: Install

I am a retired programmer.  I have a music site,, which got enough traffic that I got suspended from my cheapo web hosting service.  I switched to a managed vps, but couldn't afford that, so I went to an unmanaged service,

The site now works but it is extremely slow because ServerLimit seems to be stuck at 10.  I have tried completely reinstalling httpd, but, even with the default httpd.conf, I still only get 11 copies of httpd, max when I run a ps, and I one of the following warnings when I do apachectl -k graceful.

WARNING: MaxClients of 256 exceeds ServerLimit value of 10 servers,
lowering MaxClients to 10.  To increase, please see the ServerLimit
[Tue Apr 19 09:37:51 2011] [warn] WARNING: Attempt to change ServerLimit ignored
during restart

I have also tried just restart and rebooting the server, and other things, of course.

If I could just fix that problem I would be content,

I am using centos, and php, but no mysql.

I like the idea of installing php-zts, but I thought it might be prudent to ask advice before I do anything.

Any suggestions would be welcome.