Topic: Downgrade minor php version

Hi, I currently run php.x86_64 7.0.33-7.el6.remi @remi-php70 but would like to downgrade to 7.0.30.
I've tried yum downgrade, but no luck yet.
How can I do that ?
Thanks !!

Re: Downgrade minor php version

Why such need ? 

1/ PHP 7.0 have reach its end of live in January

2/ Since 7.0.27, new version only includes security fixes

So, in all case, you have a big security issue, and I recommend to consider updating to a supported version.

BTW, if need you can manually download old package from the online archive and install them manually


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Re: Downgrade minor php version

It was for debugging purpose, but you're right, we won't use it on production.
Thanks a lot !