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First of all, thanks for the incredible work you are doing. I am digging into building a webserver based on centos 8 since 1 week and you are doing a great work with this repo.

I am currently studying the options I have to build a php stack on my server. If possible, I prefer to stick with the default php module but the os repo is missing some modules (php-tidy for example). I see this module is avaible in remi-safe for the php version I have installed (7.2) and, based on this blog post: … -for-EL-7, I think this is precisely the purpose of this repo. What is the best practice to link this module with the default php module? Do I need to copy the .so file to the module directory defined in the php.ini? A symlink?

Thanks in advance for your help and your advices

Re: centos 8:add tidy module to default php module

The official stream  doesn't provide additional packages for now, everything is blocked by build infrastructure not ready

So, for now, if you want a full featured stack, you have to use my repository.
See the Wizard.

Packages in my repository are not designed to work with any other PHP stack (perhaps it can work, but I won't support such installation)

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Re: centos 8:add tidy module to default php module

thanks for your response and your work. I will do that.