Topic: RHEL 8.1 - php-fedora-autoloader issue

I have installed the Remi repo from as I am in need of phpMyAdmin. When attempting to install phpMyAdmin via ansible with the Remi repo enabled I receive the following error. Any assistance is appreciated.

Error occurred:
Problem: package phpMyAdmin-5.0.1-2.el8.remi.noarch requires php-composer(fedora/autoloader), but none of the providers can be installed
- cannot install the best candidate for the job
- package php-fedora-autoloader-1.0.0-5.el8.remi.noarch is excluded
- package php-fedora-autoloader-1.0.1-2.el8.remi.noarch is excluded

This is a freshly built test box with no exclusions within the yum.conf file, so I am uncertain as to where the exclusion is occurring.

Re: RHEL 8.1 - php-fedora-autoloader issue

php-fedora-autoloader is available on all php:remi-7.x streams, so you need to enable one of them.

You cannot install it using official streams (php:7.2 or php:7.3)
Or, try to disable "remi-modular" repo, but I have huge doubt you will have everything needed in official stream.

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