Topic: own rpm channel

Hi Remi.

First of all i want to thank you for your work, i`m using php/mysql from your repository and very happy with this packages. But now i need php 5.2.11 and php-fpm for my devbox. I already found your answer about php 5.2.x support, and i understand your reasons, but it is not possible for me to migrate to 5.3 (too much unsupported code) without big pain. So i decided to make my own repository for this. Could you please provide short howto on building own repository? First of all i want to rebuild your 5.2.10 packages and then do update to 5.2.11 and (possibly in another repository) apply php-fpm patch. I want to make this repository public, of course with all regards to you smile

Re: own rpm channel

See the following commands
- mock to build package
- createrepo to generate to repository meta data


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