Topic: PHP 5.3 and json

Moving this over here from your installation guide (sorry about that!) first post was:

I've gotten up to the GLPI install, and on step 0 it says "GLPI can't work correctly without the json_encode and json_decode functions>" I tried to install php-pecl-json, and get the message "package php-pecl-json is obsoleted by php-common". It tries to install php-common-5.3, and finds it's already installed, and ends with "Nothing to do". Any idea as to what I need to do to get past this step? Thanks!


As a follow up - interestingly, I tried to do a phpinfo() to see if json was listed, and I see "--disable-json" in the configure command. I installed PHP 5.3 from your repository as well - is there a way for me to reinstall it with a different configure command without getting the source? Where did that configure command come from, do you think?

You responded:

"Check that json extension is present (/usr/lib/php/modules/ and enabled in /etc/php.d/json.ini


P.S.1 : don't rely on phpinfo() configure command, see Pebkac."

I had checked, yes - the extension is present and enabled.  When I try php --modules, from the link you provided, I get the error "PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib64/php/modules/' - /usr/lib64/php/modules/ undefined symbol: ZVAL_DELREF in Unknown on line 0".  Json is not present in the list of modules that follows.


Update - I just installed 5.3.1 from the remi-test repository, and now everything's fine.  I'm still posting here in case anyone else has a similar issue, though - I hope that's okay!