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I am running a CentOS7 with apache but the version is only 2.4.6 is there any reliable way to update it to a newer version to obtain http2 support?


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My repository is PHP dedicated, so I don't provides httpd packages.

BTW httpd24 collection in the centos-scl repository provides httpd 2.4.27, with (AFAIK) http2 support.

See … tories/SCL

As http2 also imply to use event MPM, you have to switch to FPM (if not already done) (and I only provide mod_php for base httpd)

See … tion-tips/

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Thanks Remi - that's not the road to go down for me right now, as CP doesn't not currently support FPM.

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Sorry to take over the thread.

If we switch to CentOS SCL for the new http and we are already running all php versions via remi FPM, the switch should be fine?