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Topic: Jemalloc for Redis

Hello Remi,

First just wanted to say thanks for your Repo's very very helpful indeed!

I installed Redis 4.x from your repo, (Previously was stuck on 3.2 from Epel I think it was)and I wanted to use their new Active Defrag option. However, Redis needs the modified Jemalloc included from their source. When installing via YUM jemalloc is provided by Epel

Name        : jemalloc
Arch        : x86_64
Version     : 3.6.0
Release     : 1.el7
Size        : 105 k
Repo        : epel/x86_64

Would you consider adding the version of Jemalloc from Redis source to your repo? It is also a much newer version of Jemalloc and it is the only way to enable active defrag.

As I have installed redis via YUM and would rather keep it this way for easy upgrading and management, it would also mean Redis users can get the compatible version of Jemalloc without manual install too.

I look forward to hearing back from you

I opened an issue on Redis' Github. They have advised that redis needs to be built from their source with their modified Jemalloc in the deps folder.  would you consider building as described here?