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Topic: php-common, curl extension out of date


The curl extension is missing all the options added after version 7.28 (i.e. ~4 years ago)
I suspect this may be due to the curl/libcurl version installed locked on 7.29, although it does receive the newest updates.

So it's most likely because ext/curl/interface.c does not consider 7.29 a valid version for these options (although it is)
I'm not sure anymore it's just because of that, I've gone down a rabbit hole, but I would really like to have the


Re: php-common, curl extension out of date

curl is a critical system library, and updating it may raise tons of issues

Indeed PHP is build with system libcurl

* version 7.19 on EL-6
* version 7.29 on EL-7
* version 7.61 on EL-8 and Fedora 29
* version 7.65 on Fedora 30
* version 7.66 on Fedora 31

Really best way to have a modern version of PHP, with modern libraries is to use a modern system, so EL-8

I Already have to maintain some alternative versions of some system libraries (libonig, libzip, libgd, ...) this is a huge work, and libcurl is somehow critical, so I don't plan to replace it (I've tried in the past, for EL-5, was a nightmare).

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