Topic: php70-php-xdebug wrong version

php70-php-xdebug for centos installs xdebug 2.9 which is not conpatible with php 7.0.
See here:

Debugging doesn't work in Phpstorm due to this.

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Re: php70-php-xdebug wrong version

I found out that Phpstorm 2016.2 works with xdebug 2.6 but not 2.9 or 2.7. Tested with php70 and php72.
So I can't tell if the xdebug 2.9 actually works with php70 or not.

Re: php70-php-xdebug wrong version

In fact compatibility with 7.0 was dropped in 2.9.1
Build and test suite passes.

Sorry, but I have no idea about phpStorm issue, but version 2016 seems a bit old.

As  this is a commercial product, you should contact their support.

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