Topic: Centos 8/Plesk + PHP 5.6


I would like to install PHP 5.6 in my Centos 8/Plesk.

For Centos 8, PHP 5.6 is not supported.

Can I check if the following steps are valid as per Wizard so that after doing it I will register the version in Plesk?

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Re: Centos 8/Plesk + PHP 5.6

Plesk heavily alter the system so is no more a CentOS distro

The wizard instructions should work (and some plesk users use it)
but I have no idea  what is needed after.

Sorry, can't help
As plesk is a commercial product you should ask them.

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Re: Centos 8/Plesk + PHP 5.6

ok thanks remi

Re: Centos 8/Plesk + PHP 5.6

To make this work for plesk you will need to SSH into your server and use command:

plesk bin php_handler --add -displayname "PHP56-new" -path /usr/bin/php56-cgi -clipath /usr/bin/php56 -phpini /opt/plesk/php/5.6/etc/php.ini  -type fastcgi


/usr/local/psa/bin/php_handler --list to list your php_handlers and then finally run:

plesk bin php_handler --reread

This will then allow you to go into the plesk PHP selector and select 5.6.40 / once thats done confirm the phpinfo shows 5.6.40 if not do a reboot

Note: To check your php install location do whereis php56.

Hope this helps smile

Re: Centos 8/Plesk + PHP 5.6

Thanks so much. will try now.