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Topic: Port Fedora Nextcloud RPM to EL8 // php:remi-7.4


Fedora now has quite up-to-date Nextcloud packages, see src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/nextcloud/tree/master ...

I've been able to build them for EL8 adding the Remi repos, create a COPR (koalillo/nextcloud) and then install them with a very ugly:

$ sudo dnf install nextcloud nextcloud-httpd nextcloud-sqlite --repo=remi-modular --repo=copr:copr.fedorainfracloud.org:koalillo:nextcloud --repo=BaseOS  --repo=AppStream --repo=PowerTools --repo=epel

It seems to work beautifully! (I only tried the SQLite backend, but everything worked OOB).

Is there any way to incorporate those RPMs someplace in the Remi repos? Or any nice way to publish the packages so they install nicely?

I can volunteer to do simple maintenance on those (e.g. watch Nextcloud releases, update a testing repo, use the testing packages myself, promote testing packages to the main repo after a week, etc.)...