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I'm using Amazon Linux 2 and switched today from amazon-linux-extras PHP 8.0 to Remi PHP 8.1 and from amazon-linux-extras nginx to nginx' repo to use latest nginx.

My web app works fine with the new nginx and new php-fpm but the self-installed phpMyAdmin 5.2.0 gives only a blank page.
Prior the update the phpMyAdmin (PMA) worked fine.

I tried several browsers and deleting cache, but no success.
A phpinfo() in the same directory as the PMA works fine and display_errors ist set to On in php.ini.
No error is shown and the configured error_log stays empty.
I downloaded PMA again and tried it in a new directory with different name, but same issue: blank page

Any idea how to fix this?


Re: phpMyAdmin blank page after PHP update

Sorry no idea, error must be log somewhere...

I have no problem to run phpMyAdmin 5.2.0 using the RPM on PHP 8.1

Laptop:  Fedora 38 + rpmfusion + remi (SCL only)
x86_64 builder: Fedora 39 + rpmfusion + remi-test
aarch64 builder: RHEL 9 with EPEL
Hosting Server: CentOS 8 Stream with EPEL, rpmfusion, remi

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Re: phpMyAdmin blank page after PHP update

So, I tried to dig some deeper in this issue and gave your phpMyAdmin RPM a try.

RPM nstalls without problems but I noticed it installs a few additional php packages as a requirement, so I restarted php-fpm and nginx after this.
Tried my own phpMyAdmin after that, maybe the additional packages did the thing - but still blank page.

I added a symlink from my docroot to /usr/share/phpMyAdmin but still blank page in browser.

After that I placed an random php file in /usr/share/phpMyAdmin, which works great.
So I edited the index.php and added some random foobar garbage lines - that gave me an visible PHP error output in browser. So the index.php *is* parsed but produces some kind of error which causes a blank page.

Checked php.ini for error display & logging settings etc: error_reporting E_ALL, display_errors on, log_errors on
Still nothing in the logs - /var/log/php-fpm, /var/log/nginx, /var/opt/remi/php81/log, ... - all empty, no logged error.

I'm running out of ideas. Any help would be great!

EDIT: I gave the development version phpMyAdmin 5.3+ a try and it works!!! So this is a bug in 5.2?