Topic: gd3php missing

Hi. I'm not sure if I'm losing my mind or not.

I recently built a CentOS 7 development system, running PHP 7.4. When I installed gd-last, it was obsoleted by gd3php.

However, gd3php doesn't include, so I don't have GD support. If I force installation of the last php-gd package, is present and my GD support works fine.

Am I missing something?

As an aside - thanks SO MUCH for this repository. I cannot tell you how much headache it's saved me over the years.

Re: gd3php missing

don't really understand why you are confused

php-gd provides the "gd" extension for PHP

gd3php is the system library used by the extension
this have a special name so it can be installed beside default system "gd" library (old version)

Lot of PHP extensions are bindings to other system libraries (intl, openssl, zip, curl, MongoDB, ...)

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