Topic: How to know what package is in which repo?

HI, folks,

     I'm having some trouble determining whether a package is in remi-safe or (for instance) remi-php74. Some of the machines I've been working with have both repos installed and some only have one. Some hosts only see (for instance) php-* packages and others see php74-* packages.

     Rather than go into detail about my problem, let me ask instead how to see what's in those repos. I know how to get into the package listings for EPEL, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do it with the Remi repos.

     Can you help?


     John A

Re: How to know what package is in which repo?

For a proper configuration and usage,  see the wizard instructions

Also the FAQ about diff between php-* and php74-php-*

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