Topic: Howto Keep 5.2

Thank you for the great php repository.  It has saved me countless hours of trying to build myself.

I would like to stay with 5.2 for a while.  Do you have suggestions on how to do this?

My main php app is Drupal.  The 5.3 issue is here (which mentions your repo a time or two):
The bottom line is core will likely be 5.3 compatible soon, but many/most of the modules will, unfortunately, not be.

Re: Howto Keep 5.2

remi repository is not enabled by default.

So if 5.2 is installed, it will stay.

If you have enabled the repo, just switch it back to "enabled=0".


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Re: Howto Keep 5.2

Special thanks for
I hope this content will not be deleted smile