Topic: php52 and php53 packages

The PHP package for CentOS 5 has been updated from 5.2.* to 5.3.*. Many apps do not work with 5.3 yet, however, so a lot of people have to stay with 5.2 for now. Unfortunately, it does not seem that the 5.2.* branch will be maintained as a remi RPM any longer, although it is still being developed by the PHP team (5.2.11 is on the way).

Thus I think it would make much sense to support both the php52 and php53 package line at the same time. Any plans for it, Remi?

Thanks a lot.

Re: php52 and php53 packages

Many apps do not work with 5.3 yet,

This are bad apps wink
Good developer are working on PHP 5.3 for a while (I'm using it for more than 1 year)

Any plans for it, Remi?

php 5.2.10 will stay available in archive but I will not maintain it.

Goal of my repository is to provides the "latest" versions and only the latest.

I know, it will be great to have all possible combinations :  php 5.2 + php 5.3 * mysql 5.0 + mysql 5.1 * oracle 10 + oracle 11 * (various postgresql) * ...
But it will be a full time job (and I'm not paid for this, even more it cost some money for infrastructure)

So I only provides latest version, and stuff I use.

So, you should better ask you apps maintainers to work on php 5.3 compatibility.

I don't think it's a good idea to maintain php 5.2 for a long time (as for 4.x) because, when upstream work on 5.2, it doesn't work on 6.0 wink


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