Topic: F16 PHP 5.4 segfaults


When I run functional tests for a large symfony project I get a lot of segfaults

[105661.262163] php[14300] general protection ip:59d109 sp:7fffc02d6560 error:0 in php[400000+313000]
[105686.119807] php[14322] general protection ip:59d109 sp:7fff0f06d760 error:0 in php[400000+313000]
[105908.726253] php[14496] general protection ip:5b4f21 sp:7fffeb8d90b0 error:0 in php[400000+313000]
[105922.203428] php[14506]: segfault at 18 ip 000000000059d109 sp 00007fff0c43aa50 error 4 in php[400000+313000]
[106122.950422] php[14662] general protection ip:5b4f27 sp:7fff927758c0 error:0 in php[400000+313000]
[106136.636242] php[14673] general protection ip:5b4f27 sp:7fffcc7ab730 error:0 in php[400000+313000]
[106178.203543] php[14705]: segfault at 1700000018 ip 000000000059d109 sp 00007fffbc43d8a0 error 4 in php[400000+313000]
[106261.123271] php[14770] general protection ip:59d109 sp:7fffc81fb490 error:0 in php[400000+313000]
[106288.542057] php[14792]: segfault at 18 ip 000000000059d109 sp 00007fff943c5ec0 error 4 in php[400000+313000]

All tests are fairly standard, and pass fine after rerun. It seems to me that these segfaults may be related to glibc.

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Re: F16 PHP 5.4 segfaults


The fix will be in php 5.4.0 finale.

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