Topic: PHP-5.4 on EL

hi remi,

a not so important question, but yes, i curious 'bout it hehe

on http://forums.famillecollet.com/viewtop … 3933#p3933 you said that you'll soon drop php 5.3 support..
could you please let we know when will it happen? * no need the exact date anyway :) *

and how about your plan to push php 5.4 to the EL remi repo?
perhaps next month or two? as php 5.4 still on remi-test currently


Re: PHP-5.4 on EL

Of course, it will be announced on my blog.
When I will drop php 5.3 from "remi", php 5.4 will move to "remi"

Probably for version 5.4.5.

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