Topic: language errmsg.sys files conflict with mysql-5.0.45-7


First, thank you so much for all your work with the ocsinventory project. You have helped me many times in the past and I appreciate it!

I am trying to install ocsinventory on a new CentOS 5.3 server. I have added the epel and remi repositories and run the yum install ocsinventory and it seems like everything is going to work but at the end of the dependency check I get a long string of error messages that look like this:

file /usr/share/mysql/norwegian/errmsg.sys from install of mysql-libs- conflicts with file from package mysql-5.0.45-7.el5.i386

There is one line like this for several different languages so the install never completes. Is there something I need to install or uninstall from the standard CentOS repos before I try to install ocsinventory?



Re: language errmsg.sys files conflict with mysql-5.0.45-7


Can you post the full yum command output ?

If you only want to install ocsinventory, only use EPEL (1.02 in testing, 1.02.1 should be there really quickly)
If you want to also update php and mysql, try first

yum --enablerepo=remi update


Laptop:  Fedora 40 + rpmfusion + remi (SCL only)
x86_64 builder: Fedora 39 + rpmfusion + remi-test
aarch64 builder: RHEL 9 with EPEL
Hosting Server: AlmaLinux 8 with EPEL, rpmfusion, remi

Re: language errmsg.sys files conflict with mysql-5.0.45-7

Thanks Remi.

I was able to successfully install with yum using just the epel repos and everything is working great!

I don't know if the output from the earlier yum install attempt that failed is saved to a log file somewhere in CentOS but if so I can still send it to you if you need it. I can try to recreate it as well and update if I can get the output.