Topic: Thunderbird 3.1/3.2

Hi all,

First of, I'd like to thank Remi for all his efforts. I just found these repos when looking for a way to update to Firefox 3.6.

Now, I would also like to upgrade my Thunderbird to either 3.1 or 3.2, because I am unable to get the lightning-plugin running on my 3.0 version (x86-64). Is there a chance to see either or both versions in the repository?

Re: Thunderbird 3.1/3.2

Boy I feel dumb now... Somewhere I read about 3.1 and 3.2, but it seems they don't exist (yet). So please forget about my post above!

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And thunderbird-lightning from fedora repo (F >= 11) or remi repo (F <= 10) works quite well with thunderbird 3.0.4...


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Re: Thunderbird 3.1/3.2

Thanks Remi, but I got it working with the official download from mozilla now. It seems the plugin-finder in Thunderbird only tried to download the 32-bit variant of the plugin! Manually downloading the 64-bit did the trick for me.