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As the folks on these forums typically use / install / configure various PHP apps, the following script may one day be useful to you. It's not uncommon to waste a couple of hours because a host is misconfigured. But how can you detect this?

Tiki Check is a single file PHP script (tiki-check.php) which checks the configuration of a server (PHP/MySQL/IIS/Apache). There are over 50 checks, and while it's designed for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, it will produce useful information for any PHP/MySQL app.

Before we made this script, we looked at all other major PHP apps, and couldn't find anything that had many checks. So we started it and we have been evolving it for any missing / wrong checks. Thus, I am fairly confident, it's the most comprehensive solution for this. And it's FLOSS, so I warmly welcome any other project to fork, include, etc.

In general, PHP apps have checks in the installer but you have to install the app to get feedback. But the person setting up the server and installing the app is not necessarily the same. A single-file tiki-check.php is quite useful because you can send to the sysadmin, who can do all the adjustments, and get immediate feedback. Thus, when the person then installs the PHP app, everything is already nicely set up.

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