Topic: SCL on CentOS 6 i686 ?

Sorry for this green beginners question:

Can SCL run on CentOS 6 i686? (so not -64 version)

If yes, can I switch between several PHP installations?

I like to test PHP 7.* but prefer to run it side by side. If that, possible.

Is it?

Re: SCL on CentOS 6 i686 ?

Sorry, but I don't build the SCL for i386, only for x86_64 (exactly as Red Hat does for RHEL-7 or RHSCL which are 64bits only)

BTW, I don't know any computer which doesn't support 64 bits (excepted the >10 years old ones)

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Re: SCL on CentOS 6 i686 ?

1. Your answer is very clear. Thanks for that.

2. Not everybody has their own server. I am with a host, I can chose a wide range of OS, but after testing, 64 bit systems are a bit more RAM hungry. If you just have 1Gb it might make a difference. Why not simply add more RAM? Because 1Gb > 4Gb will pretty much quadruple the monthly cost. I'm not a reseller, so I don't need ultra high performance.

This said, I see the day coming in a few years when there is no way around a 64 bit OS.