Topic: owncloud 9.1.5-1


Can you update owncloud to 9.1.5-1 please? Also I hear 10.0 is also about to release.



Re: owncloud 9.1.5-1

Updated to 9.1.5

Indeed 10.0.0 is release, but I prefer to keep 9.1 as this version can be migrated to nextcloud 10

More, this package is mostly a backport of the fedora one which is still at 9.1.

I don't know yet when this will change.

And I have less interest for this package (owncloud or nextcloud) as there is too much issues with the current packages

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Re: owncloud 9.1.5-1

Thanks Remi!

Yes I agree with staying 9.1 for now that's why I prefer your package over owncloud repo themselves.