Topic: update php-horde-Horde-Mime-Viewer rpm

Hi all

The php-horde-Horde-Mime-Viewer is documented to have 2 XSS vulnerabilites since the version of the rpm available now, 2.2.2. Upstream 2.2.4 is out, see here

Could you please update the package? Thank you, best regards

Re: update php-horde-Horde-Mime-Viewer rpm


BTW, I consider horde as an inactive (mostly dead) project and don't maintain these packages anymore (excepted on user request)

horde have been removed from Fedora and EPEL official repositories because not compatible with recent and maintained PHP versions.

I recommend you start searching for an alternative application wink

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Re: update php-horde-Horde-Mime-Viewer rpm

Very sad news for me. Me too, noticed that there were no version updates recently. But having a look at their git repo, there are still commits: I did not look deep into it, but did hope that some new version was in development.
I'll try to find something else, even if apart from the cosmetic issues, it doesn't seem to me that the scene offers such exciting things.

Thank you for all your effort, Luigi