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Topic: Difference between php-pecl-extension and php-extension?

Hi, what's the difference between the PECL and the not PECL extensions? like:

php74-php-pecl-imagick &

thank you!

Re: Difference between php-pecl-extension and php-extension?

Package names follow packaging Guidelines
https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/pa … lines/PHP/

So "pecl" packages are ones released on https://pecl.php.net/

But package names doesn't really matter
It may change, ex for json

- php-pecl-json (early 5.x time)
- php-pecl-jsonc (last 5.x)
- php-json (7.x, part of php-src)
- php-common (8.x, no more an optional shared extension)

In all cases, as explained by the Wizard
If you need "foo" extension, run  "dnf install php-foo"

yum/dnf will always choose the best providers for the extension

Ex for imagick:

- php-pecl-imagick-im7 using the ImageMagick library v7
- php-pecl-imagick-im6 using the ImageMagick library v6

Ex for redis:

- php-pecl-redis5 for version 5.3.7
- php-pecl-redis6 for upcoming version 6.0.0 (RC2 in the testing repository)

Others ex:

- php-mysqlnd provides  mysqli and pdo_mysql extensions
- php-xml provides dom, XML, xmlreader, xmlwriter, simplexml and xsl extensions

So, don't use package name (excepted it you need to select a specific providers)

"php-foo" is the only reliable name

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Re: Difference between php-pecl-extension and php-extension?

Awesome, thanks smile