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Topic: Upgrade Centos 7 to RHEL 7

I have a question about an older blog entry I found via google
http://blog.remirepo.net/post/2013/09/2 … o-RHEL-6.4
It describes all necessary steps going from CentOS to RHEL.
Another link going to Redhat itself (Solution 25037) says that the inplace upgrade is not supported by Red Hat.
Did you have any problems getting support for your upgraded installation or is this
only a comment to make sure that Red Hat can't be made responsible in case of problems?
We think about buying RHEL subscriptions for our more important installations, some of which
run with SLES 10 and 11 where I would have to reinstall anyway, but other servers (like our otrs ticket system) already
run with CentOS 7 which I would prefer to upgrade if possible, to minimize the needed work/downtime.

Re: Upgrade Centos 7 to RHEL 7

I think this is only a comment that this step is not supported (the result only includes official RH packages, so should then be supported, even if this installation method is not).

Of course a clean install should be preferred (I run this because my hosting provider doesn't offer RHEL, only CentOS)

This have to be carefully tested.

And probably better to ask RH support representative, this answer is only my thoughts.

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Re: Upgrade Centos 7 to RHEL 7

Thanks a lot for your fast reply.