1 Sticky, Closed: When OCSInventory 2.2

by twoface

2 Sticky, Closed: PEAR - Deprecated errors

by S.A.N

4 Closed: php-pecl-zip won't upgrade

by wilburunion

8 Closed: php80-php-pecl-gearman ETA

by lrcz

10 Closed: New mirror

by enere

11 GPG Mirrors

by cranberry

14 phpMyAdmin 5.1 for EL7

by nomind

15 CentOS Stream Support

by heino

16 Closed: New mirror (RU)

by nocdocker

18 Closed: New mirror steps

by yerhost

21 Update php-pecl-parallel

by srjlewis

23 Closed: UUID and perf

by Ôrel

24 Closed: New Mirror (AT)

by anton.neubauer

25 Closed: New Mirror (ID)

by hanangpriambodo

27 PHP 7.4 on Centos 6

by applejack

28 EPEL 8 php-pecl-xdebug

by jan4321

29 Closed: New mirror: MY and HK

by gigabit

30 PHP EOL policy (announcements)

by tomasz.konefal@ubc.ca