Topic: PHP EOL policy (announcements)

Since we use some older releases such as 5.6, we are wondering if there is a roadmap of when a particular version may disappear from the REMI or REMI-SAFE repos. This would be useful for us since we would like to give our users time to plan migrations to newer versions of PHP. Is any such guidance available to answer: "When will old PHP releases disappear from REMI repos"?


Re: PHP EOL policy (announcements)

Sorry, but there is not real roadmap with date written is stone.

This repository is a best effort, community work.

BTW, I don't plan to remove the packages soon.

PHP 5.4 and 5.5 are still there, but will received only fix for "critical" security issues.

For PHP 5.6, it is now maintained in a shared effort with some other PHP dev in

As 5.6 is still very used (really too much, around 1/3 of the download), I think it make sense to continue the effort.

But with more versions to build (5.6 to 7.4, and 8.0 coming) this is really a huge work.

Check for announcements (comments) on … .6-is-dead

In all case I recommend you migrate to a supported release as soon as possible, in the next "months"

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