Topic: php-pear-Date pkg patched/maintained?

Hi All,

This may be an ignorant question so my apologies -
Can anyone tell me if the php-pear-Date package available on this site is in any way maintained and specifically patched?
I've read the spec file from the src rpm and see that it is rebuilt upon Fedora major versioning up and a few other minor
file changes. However, the actual project claims unmaintained and it has not had a stable release since 2006.

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Re: php-pear-Date pkg patched/maintained?

What is your goal ?

This is indeed mostly a dead project
Available in the repo as was used in the past by something else

For any new project, not serious to rely on it

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Re: php-pear-Date pkg patched/maintained?

Thanks Remi. My goal is to establish to my employer that php-pear-Date is unsupported software and will not be patched any time soon. Your comments support my conclusion.