Topic: Apache Httpd 2.4 into Remi repository


I'm here to reopen an old discussion that seems lost in the past: adding Apache Httpd 2.4 to Remi repository.

I used to deploy web applications in an Apache 2.4.6 mpm_event + mod_proxy_fcgi + php-fpm environment with the officail Centos7 package but quickly I discovered that mpm_event and Apache Httpd in general are not well patched, since not all bug and improvement patches were fetched from mainstream project, often security patch only. While a lot of improvement patches are ignored...

From my experience mpm_event/mod_proxy_fcgi in the official 2.4.6 packacge does not work well an they are essential to php-fpm. Often in moments where a lot of requests were coming to the server the main process got hunged with the requests in 'G' state. Indeed a lot of improvements were made so far in Apache httpd mainstream.

So I tried another "Centos approved" repository but it was very slow (often weeks/month) in order to publish fixed packages and that is not the best solution for production environments... Now it seems that is no longer maintained, I posted last week a PR in order to update Apache Httpd to the latest release but after a week they haven't do anything while there are several security CVE fixed in the last release: I don't like to leave production environments exposed to any new Httpd vulnerabilties for too long.

Here is my question: is it possible to add also Apache Httpd among the other packages? I want to avoid to use SCL version since it changes some configuration folder and daemon name that in my environments should remain standard for DevOps, automation and monitoring reasons.

Thank you in advance!


Re: Apache Httpd 2.4 into Remi repository

stop using EL-7

This distribution is 8 years old, and close to its EOL in 2 years

Don't run modern things (such as recent PHP versions) on a such old distro

EL-8 have httpd 2.4.37

EL-9 have httpd 2.4.53

Notice: you also have a more recent version (2.4.34) available in the SCL repository for EL-7
See … tories/SCL

installation is not trivial, but it works.

The HTTPD Web Server is a too much serious project, and I really prefer to rely on the official packages, well maintained

Sorry, but because of lack of time and lack of expertise on this project, I don't plan to provide httpd in my repository (this will be another full day work).

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