151 Closed: curl(PHP) and GOST

by NT Man

152Moved: php-imap-5.3.6-4.el5.remi

by bodi

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153 New mirror

by zal1en

157 Closed: php-5.4.7-10 and php_value

by cpriest

158 Closed: A rather curious observation

by Brandon

159 Closed: new mirror setup

by jazzl0ver

160 PHP Rpm and Apxs

by darkfiz

161 httpd 2.2 and 2.4 and php

by ottuzzi

162 PHP-5.4 on EL

by fp

164 Memcached packages

by DarkSpace

166 Closed: PHP 5.4 / PHP-FPM in RHEL

by bicchi

167 Apache 2.4.1

by Spacedust

168 Closed: update ur package

by charlie101

172 Closed: PHP 5.3.10 (Several Bug Fix)

by alexgotardi

173 F16 PHP 5.4 segfaults

by michalkjp

174 (request) Clementine

by patrick013

175 Closed: Postfix mysql-libs conflict?

by wills

178 yaf pecl rpm

by adrian